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How to Develop Trust

Trust is one of the most important virtues but not everyone is able to trust others easily. Reasons could vary such as, a terrible experience of emotional, physical abuse or neglect, been emotionally hurt in the past or relationship problems in the past or loss of a loved one etc. There are several other reasons as well but it is not an easy task to develop trust after a sad or bitter experience. In order to develop trust, one must accept himself/herself completely. It is the first and most important step if you want to develop a trusting relationship with others. The key to the development of trust is self-love and self-affirmation.

Let go of all fears restricting your emotional growth. It could be fear of rejection, hurt, of unknown, or success or intimacy. These fears are blocks to developing trusting relationships and can impede relationship growth. Don’t be afraid of relationships. Try to be your actual self with others. There is no point having sense of competition, jealousy, and defensiveness with significant others in your life. These elements create barriers. Getting rid of these attributes can help in developing mutual trust.

Don’t be afraid of accepting who you are. Your inability to trust others, perceived lack of healthy self-esteem, accepting your weaknesses etc are some of the things that you can accept with others. This self-disclosure reveals you as you know yourself. It is easier to trust that which is real than that which is unreal or hidden. Believe in the goodness of humankind. Not all people are evil, bad, or ill-willed. Trust people and it will pay.  Finally, believe in life and fairness of it. If you are good, goodness will come back to you.


I Can

yes_we_canYour statements hold such great importance in your lives. The speech you make, the sentences you utter in the course of a day so much reflects your thinking. Wise people have said, always think before you speak because of simple reason that your words make your personality. Using affirmative sentences in a confident manner changes a lot about your underlying belief. Imagine starting your speech with ‘I Can’ on a regular basis and witness the change. Although small, but these changes bring major positive effects in one’s life. While you speak think of yourself as an accomplisher and as someone who has dreams and then speak words.

Procrastination is a problem, a real big problem. Procrastination delays movement and causes impediment. If you have faith and good speech and still you are not able to make any move then blame it on procrastination factor. Take a step forward and don’t look back. And even if you look back it should be for the purpose of reflecting upon how things have gone and what you could have done to make journey more fruitful. Actions must take place or else you will keep staring at opportunities gone by. Nobody likes to miss his moments and take actions and move ahead.

Don’t fear taking risks. A risk taker goes a long way in deciding one’s fate. Risk and reward run together. But before taking risks, think about all the factors involved and try to master your fears. That is the key to gain confidence and proclaim proudly, Yes, I Can.

Creating Balance in Your Life

Our life never goes in a smooth curve. We tend to face several ups and downs in the fascinating journey of life. It does not much time to gravitate from ecstasy to despair. Things that are taking place in the outside world are beyond our control. We cannot make things run on our whims and fancies but yes, we can always strive towards maintaining balance. Balance is defined as “creating a state of harmony among all the elements of your day, your week and your life”. It’s a blessing to make balance your habit. If you are balanced, it represents a state of equilibrium where one can be more poised and feel stable.

Humans are destined to perform several functions in a day. If we don’t create a sense of delegation, we will find it tough to maintain balance and without balance, there can’t be any peace and harmony. Life cannot be carried in a comforting state without presence of balance. One needs to take certain actions to achieve this essential feat. The first requirement is to control your life and your actions. You cannot change the events taking place in your surroundings but yes, you can always change your actions and reactions.

One must live his life; he or she finds it fit. The first priority should be you and then only all others. If you cannot make yourself happy, nobody else can. Its futile to think of what others are saying or thinking. It will drain you of your energy and time. Just keep doing your work. Change is inevitable so accept the changes whenever they come your way. Don’t resist changes. A routine life makes thing much easier. Try making a to-do list every night and complete them the following day.

Fear of Losing
February 28, 2009, 5:24 am
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One of the worst fears that come to a human mind is fear of losing. It’s a hard feeling to accept. But how hard we try; we can not make someone stick with us forever. Sooner or later something drastic is bound to happen. If not any misunderstanding or personal problem then the eventual reality of death is sure to part our ways with our loved ones. Death is the ultimate truth that can not be negated or denied. So how should we approach it? Isn’t it as simple as accepting it much beforehand and create a mindset that will allow us to remain our balance even during worst of conditions.


Realizing that parting is imminent opens another stage towards acceptance of this bitter reality. At the same time, it also gives us a chance to think positively. Knowing that end is nearer so why not make the relationship more beautiful and special. We can always travel that extra yard to make other persons feel special. It could just be a simple visit or a phone call or even a letter or personal e-mail. We don’t need to do magic to make other feel good. The basic and simple things are most endearing one. Remember, when a relationship was formed it was because of the fact that both sides found some similarities and goodness in each other. There were no flashy signs of affection or sky didn’t thunder when you formed a particular relationship. Relationship grows out of mutual respect, admiration and understanding. So let’s just keep these facts in mind and make our relationships special without any fear of losing them.

Motivation for Laziness
December 17, 2008, 6:28 pm
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Motivation is a multi-dimensional term. It traverses through several layers of human existence. It will not be an exaggeration to say that, its one of the most important word in our lives. This article will talk about the miracle of self-motivation for the lazy people. Good number of people in this world suffers from one common problem of struggle with self motivation.  It’s not about having one particular bad day but it’s about having in same state of laziness regularly. If we look closely at this phenomenon, we will find that it’s an issue of self-esteem and laziness combined together. So what is the solution?


Of course, solution lies with us because we must believe that we are in charge of our destiny and we play a great role in shaping our future. Let’s fix the problem. But before embarking on this spiritual and mental journey of fixing, let’s make sure it’s not a physical problem. Thyroid, diabetes and other medical issues often cause low self-esteem and reduced motivation.


How about writing your goals on a paper and sticking it to your office wall or bed-room? It really helps to write down small goals with specific plans. Small goals are easier to achieve and to create motivation. Beginning with large goals won’t serve the purpose. Then start taking small steps to achieve those goals. Slowly, also start writing about the outcomes of your goals. Keep reminding yourself about the consequence of non-fulfillment of your goals. Once initial goals are achieved, make new goals. Keep this process active and you will soon start finding the change in your otherwise lazy life. Don’t just try to reach your goal once. When your goals are completed, start on new ones. Just remember to start writing goals on paper.