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Inspiration for Developing Reading Habit

How many of you can claim to be good readers? Plenty, eh?! If you are then, I must appreciate you because reading is fast becoming a vanishing art. Blame it on time constraints or advent of ebooks or plain lack of willingness but not many are left with inclination to indulge in deep, thoughtful reading habit. The situation has come to such a pass that, every other day we come across reading events being organized by some publishing companies or social organizations. There has been a significant decrease in print readership and some doomsayers are predicting the fall of print journalism.

This is not a healthy sign at all. What happened to the notion of ‘Good leaders are good readers’? Reading is more like a tool in our hands that must be sharpened and practiced on a regular basis. A famous writer had once revealed that ‘if we read for two hours every day on any subject, in five years, we would become national experts on that particular subject. And in ten years, we would have the equivalent of a Ph.D!’ that’s some food for thought. More so, if you manage to develop the habit of book reading, you will be several years ahead of an average person. The idea itself is tempting enough.

Book reading is the ultimate joy in life. It fills you with new hopes, and knowledge. It is a morale-boosting habit. Quality reading equips you with new perspectives. Moreover, it gives you enhanced dose of confidence knowing that you possess more knowledge and information than an average Joe. So what are you waiting for? Stop making any excuse and pick your favorite book lying in shelf for months untouched. Take the initiative and make a difference to your life.


Asking For Forgiveness

We humans are prone to making mistakes. It is no crime to make a mistake. Sometimes, in the flow of life we hurt others. Often we sleep over it and some other times we like to say sorry but move on. But, as the song goes, ‘sorry seems to be the hardest word’ and that is so true. Asking for forgiveness is a tough thing because it involves suppressing your ego. At the same time, forgiveness must be heartfelt because there is no felt saying sorry if you don’t mean that. One can also be not sure of forgiveness even if regret is expressed. But one should have heart pure and clean while apologizing.

 Before taking the initiative, one must be pretty sure of why he is sorry. Go behind the reasons and realize your mistake. Then only, the expression will be genuine. Fake apology mostly worsens the case so be very genuine about what you feel. There is one suggestion of writing down your apology. This will make you more comfortable. Writing also helps if the person is feeling embarrassed. One can send this written apology where it is intended. But its always better to meet person one to one and then apologize. One strong suggestion is to never to make any excuse while saying sorry. It does not really give a positive vibe. Avoid blame game and just be sincere. Rest assured, things will fall into place.

Changing Core Beliefs
April 10, 2009, 6:50 am
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core_values_r3_c1The concept of core beliefs holds a very significant importance in any human’s life. It has been said that our physical foundation refers to core stability or alignment of our movement whereas mental or psychological foundation is represented by our core beliefs. Core beliefs tend to develop into a set way, a set pattern as we grow older.  The question that comes in my mind is whether we are well supported by our beliefs? Do beliefs play their role in making us go where we want to be?


We have our beliefs intact in the same place since so many years. But sometimes, we need to recognize that core beliefs have played their part and are no longer instrumental in any sort of development and growth. We need to learn skills that can identify such beliefs and guide us where and how to proceed. The biggest limitation towards the journey of change and transformation is the thought that we can not change. Thinking that, we have been designed this way and we will continue to perform like this forever. Wrong. It does not happen that way.


If you look deep inside you will find that some of the beliefs no longer support you in your cause or should I say greater goal. Just looking at your potential and thinking that what wonder can I achieve if I change few of my core beliefs. Life would start appearing more meaningful. It’s all about you believing in whatever you want to believe. Trust me; the results will more than surprise you, of course in a positive way.