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Motivate Kids
July 11, 2014, 11:58 am
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Kids are most sensitive and delicate to handle. Childhood is a stage where they are molded according to the family background and environment they are living in. So, be positive and lenient when motivating your kids.
 First you need to help your kid discover his likes, dislikes and passions. Encourage what he likes and try to build in him a sense of competence. Expand his knowledge and let him explore in all possible ways.
 Giving some kind of choices to your kid can also help you motivate your kid. Different kids enjoy doing different things, so it’s always better to give them a choice of doing what they like to do and what they want to do. This gives them an opportunity to act according to their own volition. This eventually helps in self motivation and leads to self esteem as well as self confidence.
 Another way of motivating your kid is to make him learn the concept of persistence. No knowledge or intelligence is injected from birth; it is achieved through perspiration, determination and motivation. Tell them that brainpower can be acquired if you have the will to attain. Promote your kid by making him realize that he can actually climb the mountains if he is determined to do so. This drive will definitely take him to unexpected heights.
 Showing your true emotions to your kid can also motivate them and lead them to success. Every child feels more comfortable, secured and loved if he realizes that he is loved and respected by his parents. Be supportive and connective in all cases. Make him identify and understand the concrete steps to success. Tell him various ways he can confront things, move ahead and reach his learning goals.
 Most of the students get depressed and upset after failure, so clarify them that failures are a part of the game. Tell them that one failure is one step ahead to success. In all possible ways discover their joys, happiness and desires. Be friendly and communicative with them. This will surely make the act of motivating your kids much easier.  


Overcoming Inferiority Complex

infr complexOne of the psychological problems faced by lot of people at different stages of their lives is lack of confidence and low self esteem. This is not a good stage to be in at any point of time. These two menaces can make a person feel inferior and he starts thinking that he is less talented than other people. One must strive to overcome this problem. It is difficult, yes but then nothing comes easy in life. Inferiority complex is responsible for filling up your mind with negative thoughts which over the period turn out to be a huge problem. Overcoming inferiority complex is key to increase self-esteem.

To start with, one must try to think positively. To develop a god personality, positive thoughts must replace negative thoughts. The trick is to think positively about not only you but also people around you and society in general. Often sense of inadequate physical appearance makes one feel inferior. In such conditions, one should try to groom himself. It can be done by improving dressing sense and taking good care of your physical appearance. If someone lacks a particular thing, he feels inferiority complex. To handle such situations, one needs to focus upon his strengths and ignore what you do not have. No one in this world is perfect so why even bother about this issue? One should also try to improve his skills. Develop your attitude and life will again appear beautiful.

Transcendental Meditation

transcendental-meditatiLet’s talk motivation in a different way. We know how motivation works on different levels. It can bring about some beautiful changes in one’s life pattern. Transcendental mediation is one of the meditation techniques which is known to bring wonderful positive effects in many peoples’ lives. It’s effective and unlike its name, quite easy to learn. So who should go for this meditation technique? Well, it’s primarily for people who are kind of fed up of everyday quagmire like traffic problems, continuously ringing cell phones, garbage of TV shows etc. its basically a refuge from every day’s insanity. Transcendental meditation is getting hugely popular in India as well as abroad. In fact, it is being recommended by doctors to get rid of anxiety and stress disorders.


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is credited to introduce this amazing technique in 1958. he has written several books on this subject, traveled numerous countries to spread this technique along with training more than 40,000 people to become teacher of transcendental meditation. Many people wonder what’s so special about this mode of meditation? Difference lies in its simplicity and easiness to learn. All one requires is dedication and focus. Transcendental meditation causes a deep state of relaxation but at the same time your alertness of mind remains there. One needs to focus on a particular thing and delve deep into it. One you are ‘there’, you will find complete peace. This process lasts from 10 minutes to one hour.    


Many studies have been conducted on this subject and research findings have been astonishing. One of the finding is, it can reverse the ageing process. It also increases focus and creativity aspects. Other benefits include, less stress, riddance of insomnia, and easing of blood pressure etc.