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Time Management: Step by Step Process

The process of time management starts with knowing the difference between spare time and free time. Free time refers to time you have when you have nothing else to do whereas spare time is the time you have in between important tasks. Time management requires one to use spare time to his or her advantage. Several mundane tasks like, calling can be done is spare times. If you are in your car or waiting at some place or during lunch, you can do all these in your spare time. These small things go a long way in handing time management dilemma.


One of the most important factors in deciding your time management is your family schedules. After all, family comes first. If family is busy doing several things, naturally you will be busy as well. Apply the same principles while dealing with your kids and their spent time in extra curricular activities. They should not be pushed too hard.


Planning is another crucial factor. Keep a check on others’ activities in your home and in office so that you can schedule your work accordingly. Also analyze your own productivity level and your preferred time of the day for your work. 

Finally, it’s all about managing your precious personal time. One must spend more time on himself so that it helps in his time management. Other viable options are exercising which helps in increasing your productivity. Reading a book or going for a half an hour walk will also be instrumental in shaping your view about time management


Time Management
October 30, 2008, 7:36 pm
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Time management is one of the biggest challenges for professionals and individuals alike. We must have come across several articles teaching us how to effectively manage our time. Sometimes, we follow it and some other times we lose track after a certain time. It’s all about being disciplined and strong willed regarding managing this crucial aspect of your life in an efficient way. It has been said that getting on track with your time management skills is a difficult step. How true! The best way to do is just start the new regime with immediate effect. Sooner than later, you will get adjusted to new time system in your life. Once you have adjusted to it, life feels much happier and relaxed.


More often than not, problem of over committing creates a huge problem in families today. We also know that, these days’ adults are in habit of taking more than they can handle at work. At the same time, they also have to balance their homes and maintain a happy household. It feels, as if there is always so much to do. Its kind of overwhelming feeling and it results in stress, anxiety which lead to unhappiness. But then, this problem has a cure. It can definitely be changed by following specific behavioral patterns. Half of the world population suffers from problem of inability of saying ‘no’. This is the biggest problem in effective time management. One should definitely practice the art of saying ‘no’. Being honest with self and others is very effective approach. Just saying “I just don’t have the extra time” is a great approach as well.