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Prepare Yourself For Success

Success is a process that comes with lots of preparation and perseverance. There is no short-cut to success. However, you can always prepare yourself to success by taking right steps. The first thing that you seriously need to develop is, reading skills. It has been found that, slowly people are losing their reading habits because of lack of time and other constraints. Well, where there is a will, there is a way. If you can just devote 1-2 hours per day on reading, you will gain more knowledge, better perspective and will certainly feel rejuvenated. Most of the successful leaders are always good readers.

Networking is a very useful factor in success. It’s hard to achieve success by keeping yourself isolated. The more you try to establish your networking skills, better it will be for your career growth. You can learn a lot from successful people through networking. You will also come across interesting perspectives shared by people in your network. It is also important to find a mentor who can guide you in your pursuit.

Successful people love to share their success. Usually, they are more than willing to provide useful suggestions and guidance to people who seek advice. These people have been there, done that. Talking with such people about your success and failures can be extremely helpful.

If you want to achieve success, make sure to keep yourself updated with new skills and knowledge. Things are changing at a rapid pace so it’s better to move forward with time and acquire new skills. Remember, the road to success is always under construction. So keep reflecting on your journey and keep learning. Success will be yours.      


I Can

yes_we_canYour statements hold such great importance in your lives. The speech you make, the sentences you utter in the course of a day so much reflects your thinking. Wise people have said, always think before you speak because of simple reason that your words make your personality. Using affirmative sentences in a confident manner changes a lot about your underlying belief. Imagine starting your speech with ‘I Can’ on a regular basis and witness the change. Although small, but these changes bring major positive effects in one’s life. While you speak think of yourself as an accomplisher and as someone who has dreams and then speak words.

Procrastination is a problem, a real big problem. Procrastination delays movement and causes impediment. If you have faith and good speech and still you are not able to make any move then blame it on procrastination factor. Take a step forward and don’t look back. And even if you look back it should be for the purpose of reflecting upon how things have gone and what you could have done to make journey more fruitful. Actions must take place or else you will keep staring at opportunities gone by. Nobody likes to miss his moments and take actions and move ahead.

Don’t fear taking risks. A risk taker goes a long way in deciding one’s fate. Risk and reward run together. But before taking risks, think about all the factors involved and try to master your fears. That is the key to gain confidence and proclaim proudly, Yes, I Can.

Life without Limitations

Life is a tricky concept. To some, its definition is as simple as to life is for living and for some others, life is the greatest mystery. Both categories are right in their own way. But one thing common to both categories is opportunities offered by life at every juncture of our lives. Some may accept these opportunities gleefully and some others may dismiss it by complaining of noise. But opportunities are not meant to stay forever. One needs to grasp them as soon as possible or else they might slip away to some other waiting arms.

Having said that, life is full of different paths. Life is not about restrictions and limitations. If there are limitations then that definitely exists in your mind and not in life. Life in other words is all about endless possibilities and one is free to choose any path he wishes to. We keep coming across several such stories where people have gone beyond the perceived limitations and performed miracles.

So how to live a life without limitations? Well, start with your faith. One must have faith in a higher authority. Faith dos necessarily mean being religious. It just signifies one must be spiritual and engage in practices that make his spirit stronger. As you think so you become. So expand your thinking and imagine unconquered frontiers. No negativity in your thought process should be allowed. Soon, it will become your habit to think big and going whole hog for your dreams.

Being gracious
May 10, 2009, 3:04 pm
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If you start judging the world with some perfect standards, you will disappoint yourself because the world will fail miserably on your tests. When someone tells you that you did a good job, appreciate the comment and say thank you. Do not start to ramble on how you failed to reach your goals and how unsatisfied you are with this current report.


When someone appreciates your performance or praises your attire, do not put yourself down. That is not being humble. Putting yourself down in turn sets you up as a superior person. It sounds like you are fishing for compliments. Even if you are not, the other person feels that you are putting him down because you are not appreciating his comments or thanking him for his kind gesture. You also come across as a person who is never satisfied in life. You are belittling the other person’s opinion.


Just be a gracious person in accepting thanks and appreciations. Be gracious in accepting your debt to others. Be gracious to people who helped you on your way. Be gracious to favors that others have shown. Be gracious when someone is remembering you. Be gracious in forgiving some oversights. After all it is only from your mistakes that you learn more than from your successes.


When you are gracious, others in your immediate environment also become gracious. All it takes is one person being gracious so as to make a difficult situation becoming easy and moving on smoothly.


Value of Integrity
April 20, 2009, 8:01 am
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The word ‘integrity’ must be one of the most used words in personal as well as professional sphere. You must have heard of this term from your parents, teachers and in your corporate life. This word traces its origin to Latin word ‘integer’ that means ‘whole’. Integrity is undoubtedly a very crucial word in our life simply because the meaning it conveys. It refers to completeness, totality and wholeness. It’s a complete word with no terms and conditions attached. So why are we talking about this word?


Well, just to put across the point that a strong human always possess this rare virtue called integrity. It’s almost like you are in sync with your deepest core. You are truthful and aligned with who you are. Its not one-off condition or event. Its ongoing process and a quality that must be retained at all cost. Integrity indicates the need of speaking what you know to be truth. Truth may often cause conflict what then every good thing comes at a price. Acting as per your personal values is great achievement. Like all other achievements, attaining integrity demands hard work and persistence but few things are worth striving for despite all the hardships involved. 


Let me quote something by Byron Katie- “The voice within is what I’m married to. All marriage is a metaphor for that marriage. My lover is the place inside me where an honest yes and no come from. That’s my true partner. It’s always there. And to tell you yes when my integrity says no is to divorce that partner.” I hope that sums it up.

Not losing heart…
March 10, 2009, 1:19 pm
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inspiOne of the common factors of de-motivation that I have seen in people is failures and dejection. We tend to give so much importance to our failures that coming out of it seems difficult. Moving on is something that is uncommon in Indians. Somehow people tend to be in a state of inertia and they do not want to come out of their grief. Once they lose their heart, they do not want to build it back – be it in relationship, in career or even in families. It is true that accepting a death or a failure for a promotion or accepting failure in examinations is difficult to cope with. But one needs to get over that and move on.

Losing heart while you are still living on is almost equivalent to killing yourself. It is you who need to build the bridge between the sorrowful event that has passed and the new beginning that is awaiting you. It is you who has to walk through the bridge and reach the other end. Only people who have the courage to restart or begin from a new start succeed and live life in its totality.

Take a lover who has lost his girlfriend. Crying and being depressed for the lost love is natural but time needs to play its role. You cannot waste your life crying because this way you are abusing the relationship that you shared with your lover because the primary purpose of the relationship was to be happy and you are just not doing that.

Take a businessman for instance. He has suffered a huge loss but he cannot afford to lose his heart. He needs to have the strength and the determination to rebuild and earn money to compensate for his losses.

In life you cannot lose three things: your will, your heart and your determination. Without these three, there is no meaning to life.

Will Power
January 10, 2009, 5:34 pm
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The importance of will power is greatly recognized by successful people. In fact, presence of strong will power is one of the most crucial cogs in the success wheel. It is required to get success in any endeavors, one has decided to undertake. Whether it’s quitting smoking or losing weight or achieving corporate excellence or touching academic brilliance, will power holds the key.


So how will you define the term will power? Well, the basic definition says, when you decide to use your ability into action through a definite vision. It combines your mind power with emotions. Will power can make or mar one’s planned success. There are few steps which need to be taken while applying will power. One must begin with goal setting. Goal setting should be followed by planning a course of action and lastly executing those plans. Execution part is quite difficult for many persons. But if one has done proper implementation on fist two parts then execution will create a hindrance.  It definitely requires huge amount of efforts for going execution from planning.


One will be surprised by seeing the results of tremendous will power. It has that strength and effects. But one thing which must be taken care of is keeping control. One just not should push too hard. There must be reasonable balance while applying will power for achievement of your plans. One should also focus on making his environment conducive while setting objectives. Will power is a hard thing to maintain so focus on avoiding temptation because if one succumbs to his temptations, he will find himself at exactly the place where he started. So be the master of your own fate by going for will power and set plans.