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How to Develop Trust

Trust is one of the most important virtues but not everyone is able to trust others easily. Reasons could vary such as, a terrible experience of emotional, physical abuse or neglect, been emotionally hurt in the past or relationship problems in the past or loss of a loved one etc. There are several other reasons as well but it is not an easy task to develop trust after a sad or bitter experience. In order to develop trust, one must accept himself/herself completely. It is the first and most important step if you want to develop a trusting relationship with others. The key to the development of trust is self-love and self-affirmation.

Let go of all fears restricting your emotional growth. It could be fear of rejection, hurt, of unknown, or success or intimacy. These fears are blocks to developing trusting relationships and can impede relationship growth. Don’t be afraid of relationships. Try to be your actual self with others. There is no point having sense of competition, jealousy, and defensiveness with significant others in your life. These elements create barriers. Getting rid of these attributes can help in developing mutual trust.

Don’t be afraid of accepting who you are. Your inability to trust others, perceived lack of healthy self-esteem, accepting your weaknesses etc are some of the things that you can accept with others. This self-disclosure reveals you as you know yourself. It is easier to trust that which is real than that which is unreal or hidden. Believe in the goodness of humankind. Not all people are evil, bad, or ill-willed. Trust people and it will pay.  Finally, believe in life and fairness of it. If you are good, goodness will come back to you.


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