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New Year Resolutions

New Year is about to begin in 2 weeks time. Whenever someone mentions New Year, first word that comes to your mind is Resolutions! Lots and lots of resolutions by almost all the people. But what is ironical is a greater percentage of people abandon their New Year resolutions within the first three months of the year. The reason is simple. Some of them make practically impossible resolution or too ambitious to achieve. Some people seriously think they can fulfill their resolutions but some excuse or other and it remains incomplete. The thing is, mind must know what is within plausible limits and what lies outside the limitations. Ambition and deep desire is one thing but trying to tame impossible targets is altogether different.

The ideal way is to make a commitment and not a resolution. The word resolution itself has acquired a negative connotation and is kind of taken in a funny way. Whereas if you make commitment, things will make more sense as mind will be aware of a new term and that proves to be of great help. Another good idea is not to make resolutions with others. Do it in a different way when not everyone is doing the same. Try to devote a part of your emotion to the commitment. You must feel very strongly about the commitment you are going to make. Lastly, pen down whatever you have decided it goes a long way in reaffirming your commitment. Verbal and written must go together. The last thing is, give your commitment and resolution some time. Believe in the process and it will happen. Just go for it.