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I Can

yes_we_canYour statements hold such great importance in your lives. The speech you make, the sentences you utter in the course of a day so much reflects your thinking. Wise people have said, always think before you speak because of simple reason that your words make your personality. Using affirmative sentences in a confident manner changes a lot about your underlying belief. Imagine starting your speech with ‘I Can’ on a regular basis and witness the change. Although small, but these changes bring major positive effects in one’s life. While you speak think of yourself as an accomplisher and as someone who has dreams and then speak words.

Procrastination is a problem, a real big problem. Procrastination delays movement and causes impediment. If you have faith and good speech and still you are not able to make any move then blame it on procrastination factor. Take a step forward and don’t look back. And even if you look back it should be for the purpose of reflecting upon how things have gone and what you could have done to make journey more fruitful. Actions must take place or else you will keep staring at opportunities gone by. Nobody likes to miss his moments and take actions and move ahead.

Don’t fear taking risks. A risk taker goes a long way in deciding one’s fate. Risk and reward run together. But before taking risks, think about all the factors involved and try to master your fears. That is the key to gain confidence and proclaim proudly, Yes, I Can.