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Not losing heart…
March 10, 2009, 1:19 pm
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inspiOne of the common factors of de-motivation that I have seen in people is failures and dejection. We tend to give so much importance to our failures that coming out of it seems difficult. Moving on is something that is uncommon in Indians. Somehow people tend to be in a state of inertia and they do not want to come out of their grief. Once they lose their heart, they do not want to build it back – be it in relationship, in career or even in families. It is true that accepting a death or a failure for a promotion or accepting failure in examinations is difficult to cope with. But one needs to get over that and move on.

Losing heart while you are still living on is almost equivalent to killing yourself. It is you who need to build the bridge between the sorrowful event that has passed and the new beginning that is awaiting you. It is you who has to walk through the bridge and reach the other end. Only people who have the courage to restart or begin from a new start succeed and live life in its totality.

Take a lover who has lost his girlfriend. Crying and being depressed for the lost love is natural but time needs to play its role. You cannot waste your life crying because this way you are abusing the relationship that you shared with your lover because the primary purpose of the relationship was to be happy and you are just not doing that.

Take a businessman for instance. He has suffered a huge loss but he cannot afford to lose his heart. He needs to have the strength and the determination to rebuild and earn money to compensate for his losses.

In life you cannot lose three things: your will, your heart and your determination. Without these three, there is no meaning to life.


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