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confidenceOne common element amongst all successful people is ‘Self confidence’. We often talk about positive attitude, hope, ambition, and several such factors, but without the presence of self confidence, everything will remain just theory. Self confidence plays a pivotal role in carrying out all the necessary steps in life. Whether its about achieving our goals or fulfilling some dreams, self confidence is the key.


There are several ways, one can gain self confidence. The first and foremost step is knowing one’s true self. One must be aware of his talents, limitations, shortcomings, specialties etc.  Once the person make himself aware of his true self, he can thought out and execute his plans as well. Knowing self helps you in charging towards your goal with utmost confidence and achieving things will become much easier to you. One should know himself thoroughly apart from observing and discovering self. One should always strive to focus more on his talents rather than worrying about his flaws. Once the process of discovering one’s special skills is done, one can move towards taking concrete steps.


We humans are flawed in several aspects so it’s not a good idea to expect perfection in each and every behavior of ours. However, it pays big time to observe things about self like temper, nervousness, shyness, extrovert or introvert etc. knowing these aspects will create positive traits and enhance one’s confidence. One of the best ways to increase self confidence is to indulge in some enjoyable stuff. Many people love to read or write or listening music or playing some sports etc. Indulging in these activities makes one happy and also enhances self confidence.


Finding Your Talents

Talent is one of the most overused words in our daily lives. Wherever you go, academics circles, professional group, family talks, talent almost always manages to become one definite topic. Talent is an important element in any person’s life. We all are bestowed with some sort of talent. Talent can be related to any aspect of our personality including intellect, technical, physical or artistic or anything. It’s our duty to unearth our hidden talents and use them in a maximum positive way. But not many of us are able to find the true talents hidden within. It’s a long process identifying the true talents but one need to go for it because of its great implications on our future.


The process of identifying talents starts with observation of one’s own self. It’s definitely a tricky process which needs to be analyzed. One needs to observe his interests in different things. It could be favorite shows, preferred reads, what one likes to watch or what section of the newspaper one prefers to read etc. This helps in giving the direction. Once you are able to find your interests try to find out what things you are passionate about. One may be interested in several things but in reality one is passionate about only one or two things. Try to find that. Also try to do different things of your interest. Once you do them, perform them you will get to know does that thing really interest you. After that, self improvement is the next step. Try to learn new things about your passion and discover all the hidden skills. Also focus upon your weaknesses and finally the end result will give you your true hidden talents.

Will Power
January 10, 2009, 5:34 pm
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The importance of will power is greatly recognized by successful people. In fact, presence of strong will power is one of the most crucial cogs in the success wheel. It is required to get success in any endeavors, one has decided to undertake. Whether it’s quitting smoking or losing weight or achieving corporate excellence or touching academic brilliance, will power holds the key.


So how will you define the term will power? Well, the basic definition says, when you decide to use your ability into action through a definite vision. It combines your mind power with emotions. Will power can make or mar one’s planned success. There are few steps which need to be taken while applying will power. One must begin with goal setting. Goal setting should be followed by planning a course of action and lastly executing those plans. Execution part is quite difficult for many persons. But if one has done proper implementation on fist two parts then execution will create a hindrance.  It definitely requires huge amount of efforts for going execution from planning.


One will be surprised by seeing the results of tremendous will power. It has that strength and effects. But one thing which must be taken care of is keeping control. One just not should push too hard. There must be reasonable balance while applying will power for achievement of your plans. One should also focus on making his environment conducive while setting objectives. Will power is a hard thing to maintain so focus on avoiding temptation because if one succumbs to his temptations, he will find himself at exactly the place where he started. So be the master of your own fate by going for will power and set plans.

Happy New Year Prayer
January 4, 2009, 12:45 pm
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Welcome to the year 2009. A brand new year with lots of hope, optimism and need to keep our motivation high even during turbulent times. Year 2008 is gone and now we can reflect back upon the passed year and can analyze and realize what went right and what could have gone right. Let’s start this New Year with a prayer on our lips and strength in our hearts. I will be sharing this wonderful prayer with you and I wish you all good luck for this coming year.


I do not pray for peace,

Nor ask that on my path

The sounds of war shall shrill no more,

The way be clear of wrath.

But this I beg thee, Lord,

Steel Thou my heart with might,

And in the strife that men call life,

Grant me the strength to fight.


I do not pray for arms,

Nor shield to cover me.

What though I stand with empty hand,

So it be valiantly!

Spare me the coward’s fear–

Questioning wrong or right:

Lord, among these mine enemies,

Grant me the strength to fight.


I do not pray that Thou

Keep me from any wound,

Though I fall low from thrust and blow,

Forced fighting to the ground;

But give me wit to hide

My hurt from all men’s sight,

And for my need the while I bleed,

Lord, grant me strength to fight.


I do not pray that Thou

Shouldst grant me victory;

Enough to know that from my foe

I have no will to flee.

Beaten and bruised and banned,

Flung like a broken sword,

Grant me this thing for conquering–

Let me die fighting, Lord!


By- Theodosia Garrison