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Time Management
October 30, 2008, 7:36 pm
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Time management is one of the biggest challenges for professionals and individuals alike. We must have come across several articles teaching us how to effectively manage our time. Sometimes, we follow it and some other times we lose track after a certain time. It’s all about being disciplined and strong willed regarding managing this crucial aspect of your life in an efficient way. It has been said that getting on track with your time management skills is a difficult step. How true! The best way to do is just start the new regime with immediate effect. Sooner than later, you will get adjusted to new time system in your life. Once you have adjusted to it, life feels much happier and relaxed.


More often than not, problem of over committing creates a huge problem in families today. We also know that, these days’ adults are in habit of taking more than they can handle at work. At the same time, they also have to balance their homes and maintain a happy household. It feels, as if there is always so much to do. Its kind of overwhelming feeling and it results in stress, anxiety which lead to unhappiness. But then, this problem has a cure. It can definitely be changed by following specific behavioral patterns. Half of the world population suffers from problem of inability of saying ‘no’. This is the biggest problem in effective time management. One should definitely practice the art of saying ‘no’. Being honest with self and others is very effective approach. Just saying “I just don’t have the extra time” is a great approach as well.


How to Be A Motivational Leader- Tips

In the process of becoming a motivational leader, one of the important steps is to be realistic about your situation. One must strive to be clear off all forms of self-delusion and unnecessary mental games. Leadership is also important in not only you achieving your potential but prompting others to achieve as well.


One must also encourage others to realize and appreciate that there is a price to pay for everything they want. If one is willing to survive and excel in this brutally competitive world, then weaknesses must be overcome and standards have to meet.


Accepting Responsibility is major task for motivational leaders. There is no scope for making excuses or holding grudges or blaming others. Trust me; there is no better satisfaction than repeating ‘I am responsible’.


The next step is you take action. Action is often preceded by mental preparation and character building. Action is all about what you actually do. It’s not about what you say. A leader always leads the action and always willing to go first. He leads from the front by setting examples and acts as the role model. One of the hallmarks of leadership is doing what a leader expects others to do.


A motivational leader is always able to motivate himself. And motivation comes from striving toward excellence, by committing himself to becoming everything he or she is capable of becoming. A leader must always visualize himself as a leader, parent, colleague and outstanding person with strength of conviction and character.

Want to be a Motivational Leader?- The Beginning
October 17, 2008, 9:20 pm
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How it feels to be a Motivational Leader? Sounds exciting? Are you the stuff motivation is made of? Or do you need to be extremely talented or brilliant or any other such great quality? Not really! Motivational leaders are not born. They are made. In fact, anyone can be a motivational leader provided he or she has the desire and passion to be the one. So where should we begin from?


Let’s start with a vision. The idea is to be able to motivate yourself. Once you have a certain vision staring at your face and running in your mind, you start motivating yourself and you move forward in the definite direction. Along the way, we find ourselves not only motivating our inner selves but also people around us.


Let’s learn to face our fears. Once we start facing our worst fears head on, we find a stream of courage generating within us. We must learn to handle all the uncertainties and predicaments of our life. That itself is a great start.


Creating a benchmark or rather call it, setting high standards. Whatever we do, whomever we are dealing with, whatever we say, we must act with utmost integrity and honesty. Remember, if you are good, others want to emulate you and that itself presents a case of you setting high benchmark for yourself. When you are truthful, you will always find people supporting you and standing by you even during worst of the times

Love Your Work
October 8, 2008, 2:46 pm
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The question arises, why we need to love the work we do? And does this loving business affect us in any way? Answer is a simple yes! We need to do it for ourselves. We need to do it for our own happiness. That’s why, if we can’t be doing the work we love, then we must love the work we do. We need to have this love affair with our work because that’s the only way; we won’t bring home frustration and bitterness of our office work to our home at the end of each day to adversely affect our family. We have several reasons of doing it. We need to love our work because we won’t prefer to leave our negativity as legacy for our co-workers and colleagues. We need to do it because, a country’s economy depends upon workers whose love for their work helps in increasing their productivity.


According to a recent poll, percentage of employees who are truly engaged with their work is only 29% whereas 54% of workers are just going through motions and can be called not engaged. The most disappointing finding is almost 17% of employees are actively disengaged and that way, they threaten the security of their own jobs and those of coworkers. Well, there can be several excuses like, being underpaid, not finding the work exciting, bad office environment but then one has to love the work in order to have a great personal and professional life. According to folklore, there is only one secret of a fulfilled life and that is “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. If you can’t be doing the work you love, love the work that’s been put before your hand to be done.”

Loving the Work We Do
October 3, 2008, 5:09 pm
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How often we have heard that, if we can’t be with the one we love, we should love the one we’re with. There is a famous song from 70s echoing the same feeling. At the core of it, lies the element of love! The eternal timeless message of love! All religions and literatures preach the same. Love all even if it’s your enemy. All that a human being requires is love, lots of love! This message becomes even more relevant considering the geopolitical situations and spread of religious fanatics all over the world.


Ok, now let’s turn the same theme in aspect of our work or job! The ideal condition is finding and doing the work you love to do. Nothing is more fascinating than this statement and its fruition. But then, what would be life without not always getting what you prefer most! One just can not always find and create those dream jobs as per his or her desires. Apart, at times even if we are doing the work we love, we also need to do some other works which we detest. But those difficult and unlikable works must be done in order to earn the right to do the work you do love. Now, here comes the need of loving the work, we have been entrusted with. It’s about every day’s work. If we find ourselves unable to find the work we love then we must learn to love the work we are supposed to do.