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Motivate Kids
July 11, 2014, 11:58 am
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Kids are most sensitive and delicate to handle. Childhood is a stage where they are molded according to the family background and environment they are living in. So, be positive and lenient when motivating your kids.
 First you need to help your kid discover his likes, dislikes and passions. Encourage what he likes and try to build in him a sense of competence. Expand his knowledge and let him explore in all possible ways.
 Giving some kind of choices to your kid can also help you motivate your kid. Different kids enjoy doing different things, so it’s always better to give them a choice of doing what they like to do and what they want to do. This gives them an opportunity to act according to their own volition. This eventually helps in self motivation and leads to self esteem as well as self confidence.
 Another way of motivating your kid is to make him learn the concept of persistence. No knowledge or intelligence is injected from birth; it is achieved through perspiration, determination and motivation. Tell them that brainpower can be acquired if you have the will to attain. Promote your kid by making him realize that he can actually climb the mountains if he is determined to do so. This drive will definitely take him to unexpected heights.
 Showing your true emotions to your kid can also motivate them and lead them to success. Every child feels more comfortable, secured and loved if he realizes that he is loved and respected by his parents. Be supportive and connective in all cases. Make him identify and understand the concrete steps to success. Tell him various ways he can confront things, move ahead and reach his learning goals.
 Most of the students get depressed and upset after failure, so clarify them that failures are a part of the game. Tell them that one failure is one step ahead to success. In all possible ways discover their joys, happiness and desires. Be friendly and communicative with them. This will surely make the act of motivating your kids much easier.  


Inspiration for Daily Living
September 5, 2011, 7:02 am
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It is just a personal thought that the best way to get inspired is by having a role model for you. The person can be anyone an actor, a politician, a writer, a singer, a sportsperson, well just about anybody. Before choosing your role model, you must understand one thing, no matter their profession it is the character of an individual that matters most. Selecting a role model is quite easy.


It depends on what you want to become. If you want to become a sports person then having someone in the sports arena as your role model can help. If you have noticed sportspersons always have someone related to their field to get inspiration from. There is no dearth on role models in India; you have the likes of Sachin Tendulkar to Amitab Bachan. If you notice these two individuals, their success has not made them haughty and proud. They remain the same they were when they started out.


This is the best quality in a human being. You must, however keep one thing in mind, if your role model has bad habits, then you may become a bad person. You may become a bad person for yourself, your family, and the society you live in. So remember, when selecting your role model, try to grasp his/her good points and become successful in life.

How to Develop Trust

Trust is one of the most important virtues but not everyone is able to trust others easily. Reasons could vary such as, a terrible experience of emotional, physical abuse or neglect, been emotionally hurt in the past or relationship problems in the past or loss of a loved one etc. There are several other reasons as well but it is not an easy task to develop trust after a sad or bitter experience. In order to develop trust, one must accept himself/herself completely. It is the first and most important step if you want to develop a trusting relationship with others. The key to the development of trust is self-love and self-affirmation.

Let go of all fears restricting your emotional growth. It could be fear of rejection, hurt, of unknown, or success or intimacy. These fears are blocks to developing trusting relationships and can impede relationship growth. Don’t be afraid of relationships. Try to be your actual self with others. There is no point having sense of competition, jealousy, and defensiveness with significant others in your life. These elements create barriers. Getting rid of these attributes can help in developing mutual trust.

Don’t be afraid of accepting who you are. Your inability to trust others, perceived lack of healthy self-esteem, accepting your weaknesses etc are some of the things that you can accept with others. This self-disclosure reveals you as you know yourself. It is easier to trust that which is real than that which is unreal or hidden. Believe in the goodness of humankind. Not all people are evil, bad, or ill-willed. Trust people and it will pay.  Finally, believe in life and fairness of it. If you are good, goodness will come back to you.

Learn to Enjoy Life

The beauty of life is in small things. We don’t need to wait for miracles to consider our life worthwhile. If you look around, you can find small things that give us maximum delight. It is important to have a positive outlook towards life to enjoy the best that life has to offer to you. Positivity begets positivity and that also means, we need to have company of good people, positive friends, co-workers and family members. Having negative people in your surroundings can pull you down. Try to keep clear of noticeably negative situations.

Positive outlook can be reinforced with healthy diet. It has been proved again and again that a good diet is vital to maintaining energy, alertness, and a positive attitude. Eat properly and feel good. It does not get simpler than that. Food is not the only thing here. You also need to have a healthy dose of sleep. Your body and mind demand adequate rest after a day of hard work. Without rest, you will feel fatigued and will be prone to mood swings and pessimistic views. Make sure you get the sleep you need each night.

Whenever you feel frustrated, try imagining the bigger picture. Look at the world around you. There are chances of you finding someone who is in a worse situation that you. Feel good that you are still in a far better position than millions of poor, underprivileged and hungry people.

Always have a fun hobby or activity that will help you distress. Life becomes much more beautiful if you have a hobby like reading, writing, collecting or music etc. Just be in the moment and try to enjoy whatever you are doing. Finally, be an optimist and life will always appear positive and beautiful. We have got just one life so why not just enjoy it!

Importance of Focus and Challenges

Do you feel happy and satisfied after completing each of your tasks in a perfect manner? Yes must be the common answer. Whenever we complete a work in time, in a perfect way, we feel good about the entire process. If you don’t like a work then don’t do it but if you have decided to complete a task or you have been assigned a job then you must strive to accomplish it in the best way possible. Improvement is the key here. Keep improving until you feel, there is nothing more that you can add.

You are most likely to enjoy the task at hand when you are totally focused on one task. Don’t see the task as a means to an end. Try visualizing the task as a pleasant process and you will excel at it. Focusing on a particular task fuels motivation and makes you give your positive energy into it. Success is bound to follow after that.

As focus is much important to successful completion of a task, so is the ability to challenge yourself. Challenges can change your life in a dramatic fashion. Challenges makes you face new situations, shift your comfort zone and makes you aware of your hidden potential. Life wouldn’t remain the same without interesting challenges. In order to lead a quality life, one must seek challenges. They help you in analyzing your true self, your likes and dislikes and your preferences. Together with focus, challenges have the ability to transform your life. Go for them.

The Law of Thinking

There is a concept called the law of thinking according to which the state of your mind will be reflected in the external world. In other words, if your thinking pattern is positive, you will live positively and most of the events taking place in your life will be positive. But if your thinking way is inclined towards fearful and negative thoughts, you will find same happening in your external world. That implies, power is in mind and what it thinks. Your mind is a tool that must be used in an affirmative way.

You must have noticed if you are happy, you will be usually surrounded by positive friends and family. The law of thinking is not a naturally gifted thing. It is in our hands to make it work our way. Considering the benefits it offers including, producing great outcomes, consciously creating our reality, developing the habit of positive state of mind, understanding the causes of our current results etc, we must strive to learn and use the law of thinking.

The process should begin with trying to consciously control what you are thinking about. There is no point dwelling on negative thoughts. Think only what you would like to come into your reality. The law of thinking is not just restricted to thoughts. It also applies to words and you must say only what you want to manifest in your life. The law of thinking is actually a very important universal law that can change your life drastically in a positive way. Positivity breeds positivity and that will help you in consciously creating a life full of happiness and success.

Inspiration for Developing Reading Habit

How many of you can claim to be good readers? Plenty, eh?! If you are then, I must appreciate you because reading is fast becoming a vanishing art. Blame it on time constraints or advent of ebooks or plain lack of willingness but not many are left with inclination to indulge in deep, thoughtful reading habit. The situation has come to such a pass that, every other day we come across reading events being organized by some publishing companies or social organizations. There has been a significant decrease in print readership and some doomsayers are predicting the fall of print journalism.

This is not a healthy sign at all. What happened to the notion of ‘Good leaders are good readers’? Reading is more like a tool in our hands that must be sharpened and practiced on a regular basis. A famous writer had once revealed that ‘if we read for two hours every day on any subject, in five years, we would become national experts on that particular subject. And in ten years, we would have the equivalent of a Ph.D!’ that’s some food for thought. More so, if you manage to develop the habit of book reading, you will be several years ahead of an average person. The idea itself is tempting enough.

Book reading is the ultimate joy in life. It fills you with new hopes, and knowledge. It is a morale-boosting habit. Quality reading equips you with new perspectives. Moreover, it gives you enhanced dose of confidence knowing that you possess more knowledge and information than an average Joe. So what are you waiting for? Stop making any excuse and pick your favorite book lying in shelf for months untouched. Take the initiative and make a difference to your life.